Welcome to Tune ENCODE 9 File Uploading and Processing.Most advanced in the world.
One tool to meet all your file processing needs
We accept file uploads and imports from various sources, including mobile apps, web browsers, URLs, Amazon S3, Cloud Files, Azure, FTP, Facebook, Dropbox, and more.')
We offer a variety of file conversions for all media, including images, videos, audio, and documents.
Export uploads and encoded results to services of your choice, then save the URLs to your database for later use.
Embed the file URLs into your app, so users can enjoy media files with the best possible quality for their device.
Tune Panther’s strength is our versatility. By doing video, audio, images, documents, and more, you only need one vendor for all your file processing needs. To avoid imposing features on you that you don’t need, we’ve compartmentalized our features into small units, that we like to call Robots. The cool thing about these Robots is that you’ll only have to pay/read documentation for the bots you’ll really need, and you get to combine them to create powerful and unique workflows. It’s like LEGO, but more fun! :D To create a bit of order across our fleet of Robots, we’ve grouped them into Service categories. Please check those categories below.